Flowering Plants Getting them to Blossom Indoors

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You may have heard that it is hard to get shrubs or trees to blossom indoors, that�s

because it is the right conditions are essential. But if you have the patience and the

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correct amount of light (the brighter the better) to provide you can be successful. In

addition to having the right conditions, you will also need to choose a flowering plant that

has a history of blooming in indoor gardens.

If you purchase you flowering tree at a green house, be aware that the plant will be

acclimatized to the optimal conditions found there. You may have better luck purchasing

at a nursery or bringing an outdoor plant indoors � they will be hardier and used to

changes in weather. Look into your garden center�s return policy too, many will

guarantee the life of your new plant for a certain period of time. They will also give you

important information on the care and maintenance your flowering plant will need.

Humidity is important too, you can purchase a humidifier to help or you can simply place

a tray of water close to the plants and as it evaporates it will create more moisture in the


Some of the best plants to buy that have been proven to easily flower indoors are:

* Camellias

* Azaleas

* Crimson Bottle Brush

* Gardenias

* Zebra Plant

Keeping the soil moist, fertilizing approximately twice per year and plenty of direct,

bright light � if you follow these tips you are sure to see blossoms on your trees or

shrubs. Be careful with open windows, if you do not have screens bees and other

pollinating insects are sure to find their way inside your home. They aren�t the best

houseguests but if they show themselves back out they are great for the flowers.

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