Choosing an Indoor Houseplant

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When you are choosing a house plant you need to go beyond the appearance of the plant

although that is a good place to start. If there is a certain kind of plant that you want to

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have look into the care instructions first. Some plants need more care and others are best

left to an expert gardener as opposed to a novice one. If you fall into the latter category

of gardeners you will want plants that are easy to care for, are hardy, and have a low

maintenance schedule.

Ferns are a popular choice for indoor gardens as they are easy to care for, do not require

to be repotted very often and are attractive. There is a wide range of fern varieties

available and each one has a unique look. Some of the different ferns great for

houseplants are:

* Maidenhair Ferns

* Davallias

* Fishbone Ferns

* Cretan Brake Ferns

Begonias are a great choice for the indoors too especially if you do not have a great light

source. This plant can survive on very little light each day. Some will flower indoors but

the leaves are beautiful on their own too. They also don�t mind cooler temperatures

either, but it should not get colder than 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). A few

the begonia varieties available:

* Rex Begonias

* Iron Cross Begonias

* Begonia Masoniana

The fern and begonia aren�t the only breeds of houseplant that will survive even the

newest of green thumbs. Here is list of different kinds of plants you can try too:

* Spider Plants

* Devil�s Ivy

* Cast Iron Plants

* Chinese Evergreen

Once you have a few plants in your indoor garden and are comfortable with the care

required, you will have the skill and confidence needed to take care of a higher-needs


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