Bring a Plant Cutting Indoors

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If you love an outdoor plant but it is too big to bring indoors you have the option of

taking a cutting from that plant. Once you have taken a cutting, you can start a new plant

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that is smaller and more appropriate for an indoor garden. Depending on the type of

plant you are taking a cutting from there is a few methods you might want to try.

Taking a cutting from a plant is also known as propagation. If you have a hardwood

plant that you want to propagate the process is slow but easy to do as the cuttings are

quite hardy. Take the cutting (about 5 inches worth) when the tree is dormant (in the

middle of winter) and place the cutting cut-side up in a pail of sand. Fill the pail with

water and wait until spring. Then submersed side will have little nodules that will turn

into roots once planted.

When you are taking a cutting from a soft-wood plant, it will require more care and

attention. Taking cuttings from soft-wood yields quicker results and you do the actually

cutting when the plant is in the active growing phase. You are cutting off the new growth

back to a nodal (from the point it stopped growing the year previous). This method

benefits from the use of a root producing medium found at nursery stores. It is important

to place the cutting (cut-side down) into the root medium immediately. If the cutting

dries out it will lessen the changes of a successful cutting.

Next, pick a pot or container suitable to the type of plant you are growing and plant it

once the roots have developed. At this point, you can follow the regular care instructions

for the type of plant you have just propagated.

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